Getting employed or establishing a business is one of the most important motivations that make people seek to relocate to other countries where there are better employment opportunities or more business-friendly environments but travel barriers and residency requirements stand out as major obstacles.

Rich countries on the other side have an increasing need for a skilled and educated workforce which leads them to facilitate the procedures of granting work visas for foreign workers to attract professionals and entrepreneurs who can fill vacancies and contribute to the economy.

What Is a Work Visa?

A work visa is a document required to be able to legally reside in a foreign country for work purposes. Countries facilitate granting this kind of visa based on their needs and policies. The more shortage of skilled workforce and openness to attract international workers the easier the procedures of granting work visas.

Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

If you are looking to relocate to another country, here is a list of the easiest countries to get a work visa that will allow you to reside and work legally in these countries.

  1. Australia
  2. Australia grants working holiday visas for foreigners between the ages of 18 and 30. The duration of a visa holder’s stay is one year as long as they don’t work for a specific company for longer than six months. In addition, it provides many other alternatives for those who are not eligible for the working holiday visa like the Business Talent visa granted for highly qualified professionals in particular sectors, skilled laborers, and self-employed individuals.

  3. New Zealand
  4. New Zealand is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. You can apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand if you are between the ages of 18 and 30. Visitors may travel and work in the country for a maximum of 1one year with this visa. To get this visa you have to provide documents that prove you have savings of at least $2.800, and that you have medical insurance. Providing an onward ticket home is required as well.

  5. The Netherlands
  6. The Netherlands provides a work visa for entrepreneurs to grant them legal residency for one year. After that year, they are eligible to apply for a standard self-employed work permit. It is required to prove making a contribution to the national economy to get

    Additionally, international students who got bachelor’s degrees in one of the standard self-employed work permit. Netherlands universities graduates can obtain orientation visas without any restrictions on employment or funds.

  7. Cambodia
  8. Cambodia is one of the most attractive and easiest countries to get a work visa. It offers long-term business visas for people willing to immigrate to it without the need for company sponsorship. Cambodia’s Business visas don’t replace work permits for people residing in the country. They still have to obtain work permits.

  9. Germany
  10. Germany is a dream for many people looking to live and work in Europe. It recently provided an “opportunity card” which is based on a point system. This program allows skilled people to move to Germany even before finding a job so that they can apply for jobs while they are residing in the country. This visa requires proof of having savings to cover living expenses until they find a job, medical insurance,  and sufficient language skills. You can apply for this visa once you arrive in the country.

  11. Finland
  12. Finland has started a 14-day fast-track procedure to attract foreign skilled and talented workers as well as entrepreneurs to work in the country. This visa allows its holders to bring their families. Residence permits are required after 90 days of stay in the country except for EU citizens.

  13. Denmark
  14. Denmark offers residence and work permits for foreign professionals and skilled people in several sectors. These permits are valid for the period of employment if your contract is less than 4 years and if 4 or more the permit will be for 4 years and can be renewed. If you get a job offer in Denmark from abroad you can get a residence permit valid for one month before starting work to be able to move and settle in the country as long as you can prove you have savings to cover your expenses during this month.

  15. Ireland
  16. Ireland offers many options for foreigners looking to move and work in the country since it has a shortage in many sectors and seeks to attract skilled migrant workers to fill these jobs. It offers Critical Skills Employment Permits for skilled and talented workers in specific fields and General Employment Permits for workers in all jobs. In both types of employment permits, you have to get the job first to be eligible to apply. These employment permits might eventually lead to getting permanent residency in the country.

  17. Portugal
  18. Portugal offers a short-term work visa valid for one season as workers can stay and work legally in the country for 9 months under this visa in a seasonal job. This work visa also allows working for more than one company. Long-term work visas are available in Portugal as well but only for professionals. Workers under this visa can stay in the country for up to 2 years which might eventually lead to getting permanent residency that qualifies foreign workers to stay in the country without the need for a work visa.

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