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Frequently Asked Questions
A passport is an official document issued by the competent authorities of a country to its citizens to work as nationality proof and a means to prove their identity when traveling to another country. Every passport contains pages that include personal data and a personal photo of the holder in addition to data related to the passport issuance and expiration date, followed by blank pages for visas granted to visit other countries and entry and exit stamps.
A visa is an official document issued by the competent authorities of a country to grant entry and a stay for a specific period to foreigners willing to visit it. A visa contains its holder’s personal information, its validity period, the allowed stay duration, and the number of allowed entries. Traditional visas are placed on the plank pages reserved for this purpose in passports, while electronic visas are retained as electronic files that can be printed.
Top Passports provides a unique ranking system based on a comprehensive vision that goes beyond the travel freedom-based rankings. It utilizes a set of factors including mobility, investment, and quality of life to measure the passport’s total power using data collected from the most trusted sources.
Destinations refer to the total number of countries that can be easily accessed with a passport. It is calculated by the sum of Visa-free, Visa-on-arrival, eTA, and eVisa issued within 3 days.
All data are based on official information provided by governments and reliable databases and global catalogs. We update all data in real-time and any changes in indicators and other factors are taken into account.