In many countries, dual citizenship is allowed according to the constitution, laws, and dual citizenship international agreements. It can be obtained in many ways such as naturalization, registration, or investment. Obtaining dual citizenship through any of these ways is based on specific requirements that could be related to residency, contributing to the economy, or marriage
In all cases, the benefits of having dual citizenship are various which makes it a very attractive choice for people looking for advantages not given to them in their original countries or to maximize their benefits by becoming citizens of more than one country

What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship is the legal status when citizens are allowed to obtain another citizenship without losing their primitive citizenship. The right to obtain dual citizenship is subject to the laws of both countries and the international agreement they signed in this regard. The right of obtaining dual citizenship might be restricted in many countries as some types of citizens like those who gained citizenship by naturalization or marriage are not allowed to have dual citizenship.
According to laws applied in many countries, the right of getting dual citizenship might be temporarily prohibited as in the case of holders of top positions. They are not allowed to get dual citizenship as long as they are holding such positions but once they leave they get this right back. Furthermore, the right of having dual citizenship itself might be temporary as in some countries children are allowed to hold more than one citizenship until they turn 18 or 21 years old. By this age, they have to give up any other citizenship(s).

Benefits of Having Dual Citizenship

Citizenship of a country gives people rights, privileges, and benefits granted by national laws and international treatments. Accordingly, the benefits of having dual citizenship are maximized since you can have doubled rights as a citizen in two countries.

  1. Residency and Work
  2. Dual citizenship gives you the right to reside and work in both countries without having to get residency or work permits. The benefits of having dual citizenship in this regard are various since you can choose between the two countries where conditions such as safety and stability, affordability, living standards, employment, civil rights, or climate and nature are better and more suitable for you. 

    You can also have a mixture of benefits in the two countries like living where it is more safe and affordable and there are more job opportunities and better career path and spending your vacation where there is a good climate, beautiful nature, and entertainment activities and events.

  3. Global Mobility

  4. Every passport in the world allows its holder a specific level of global mobility based on how many countries they can enter without having to obtain a visa before traveling. Visa-free countries for any passport are mainly based on international, regional, or bilateral agreements to abolish borders and allow citizens to travel freely across the countries within these agreements.

    Holding two passports based on having dual citizenship gives a higher level of global mobility. Each passport gives free access to a number of countries and both of them combined gives a bigger number of visa-free countries than one passport gives. In addition, if one of your passports is banned from entering some countries, you can easily use the other passport to avoid travel barriers.

  5. Education and Health Options
  6. Having multiple choices of education and healthcare is one of the most significant benefits of having dual citizenship. Being a citizen in some country gives you access to social services like healthcare education and these services are mostly provided for free at publicly funded institutions. 

    Therefore, having dual citizenship doesn’t only give you multiple choices but also might give you the ability to receive free public education and healthcare in two countries, and then you have the right to choose the better education system and healthcare scheme without restrictions.

  7. Investment Opportunities
  8. Establishing a business across two countries can double your profits and this is a significant point to be added to the benefits of having dual citizenship since you have the right to establish a business and own properties in the two countries. 

    You can also as a citizen of two countries migrate your business from one to the other based on which one gives you more benefits in terms of taxes, incentives, investment policies, natural resources, skilled workforce, infrastructure, financial system, etc.

  9. Cultural Diversity
  10. Many individuals might not have the freedom to express their beliefs and tendencies in their original countries either because of the control of governments or the society’s traditions. Having dual citizenship gives those a significant opportunity to not only experience various cultural atmospheres and lifestyles but also to relocate to a place where they can enjoy more freedom, have the lifestyle they wish, and be involved in a society that tolerates their beliefs and personal choices.

    The advantages of having dual citizenship are various, however, there are many disadvantages such as costs and time spent in the process of getting other citizenship, double obligations that might include taxes, fees, social contributions, and military service, and not being permitted to hold leading or diplomatic positions. So if you are seeking to get dual citizenship you have to consider all positive and negative consequences and make the choice that gives you the advantages you seek to get

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